“Give to your clients and they will give back to you in kind!” – Elizabeth Phinney

“I have been very happy persevering with the exercises, and happy with the results. I feel so good afterwards! I feel in better shape than I have been for a long time. Thank you so much for this program!”

Mary, Age 66

“With BodSpir I have learned the importance of using the correct form and breathing for each exercise in order to get the maximum benefit. I recommend it to all my friends.”

Eileen, Age 48

“I love the feeling of physical strength this program has given me as I continue increasing the amount of weight I work with. I’m amazed at my return to a level of flexibility I had not felt in years. My week is now planned around my BodSpir classes.”

Kathleen, Age 52

“I have been so blessed to meet Elizabeth and be introduced to BodSpir. I have been taking classes for 1½ years and my overall posture, strength and appearance have improved so much. Her one-on-one with everyone in the class shows her awareness of each person’s needs and capabilities.”

Deb, Age 57

“I have always considered myself a fit person – I bike, ski, skate, swim and walk. Training with BodSpir has increased my energy and strength…I have so much more endurance. I have signed up for life!”

Betty, Age 59

“BodSpir is the most useful exercise program I have ever participated in. The combination of stretching and light weights has increased both my stamina and flexibility.”

Rosemary, Age 64

“BodSpir is most rewarding for the body as well as the mind. You come away feeling relaxed after a stimulating session.”

Pollie, Age 65

Testimonials 1

“Having shoulder issues for several years, I found that by working with Elizabeth’s program I have been able to get back on the tennis court! And, I can more easily play with and pick up my grandchildren!”

Tori, Age 66

“BodSpir is different…It treats the soul as well as the body. The strength in my arms, chest and back has increased markedly. The greatest benefit is that I feel a whole lot better. I am both stronger and more flexible. Elizabeth knows her stuff and could not be more fun to work with.”

Jon, Age 70

Testimonials 2

“BodSpir is a terrific program. Each person is treated as an individual. It is amazing how un-stiff I feel at the end of the warm-up. I started using 2 lb. weights for several sessions. Now I am using 5 lb. and 7 lb. weights and it doesn’t seem much more difficult than when I was using 2 lbs.!”

Joan, Age 70

“Working with Elizabeth has helped me maintain my strength so that my favorite past time of horseback riding is as comfortable and easy as it was when I began in my teens!”

Sara, Age 72

“Elizabeth varies the exercises in the class so that it is never boring.”

Alison, Age 75

“Although I have used BodSpir’s Warm Up Exercise CD for Fitness After Forty-five intermittently for almost a year, I recently made the movements a part of my daily routine. Each morning, I lie on the floor of my living room and enjoy the soothing music and Elizabeth Phinney’s pleasant and encouraging voice as she gives detailed instructions for each position. Within a few weeks of stretching, I re-discovered muscles and flexibility that I haven’t felt in years. At age 75, I have found a great way to begin my day! 🙂 ”

Nancy, Age 75

Testimonials 3

“Elizabeth’s work with me has spanned ten years, the second decade as a patient with Parkinson’s Disease. Her experience is broad and her BodSpir technique seems very well suited to people with my condition. Elizabeth has designed movements and intensive stretching on her BodSpir CD, which I find relaxing and beneficial. My doctors have agreed!”

Tom, Age 78

Testimonials 4

“I enjoy going to class because Elizabeth is so friendly, nice and efficient. I enjoy the whole hour. My shoulder used to hurt, but with the proper exercises, it is much improved.”

Mary, Age 84

“Elizabeth has helped me in the summers for over ten years. I have a structurally weak back and poor breathing patterns. Her knowledge and sensitivity have helped me in countless ways with her exercises, encouragement and friendship.”

Dee, Age 86

I really appreciate the work you did with me and getting healthy is definitely becoming easier as a result.

Laura, Age 58

“I have been attending classes for over a year now and although I have always been an avid exerciser, BodSpir has targeted muscles I normally didn’t work out. I feel stronger and more balanced than I ever have been. The continued weight bearing exercises along with the stretching is extremely beneficial.”

Rebecca, Age 48

“A thank you to Elizabeth. Six months ago I could not walk a mile, do gardening or decorating. This past weekend I worked for 9 hours straight painting a friend’s kitchen. I was without any pain the following morning. I believe the flexibility and strength I have gained has really helped me.”

Cynthia, Age 54

Testimonials 5

“The variety of exercises keep boredom at bay. I cannot recommend it highly enough for women who want to stay strong and active.”

Bibsey, Age 64

“The most important thing BodSpir has done for me is to make me feel wonderful! The warm-up gets out all those nasty kinks. The exercises target every part of the body – nothing escapes! I feel very comfortable with the much younger members as we all go at our own speed. I love the whole experience.”

Bonnie, Age 65

“Being in the class helps me slow down and get the most out of the movement. If at any time I feel that I should be moving up in weights, I know Elizabeth will be right there supporting me.”

Pauline, Age 68

“For ten years I have had a Personal Trainer, but I never felt I was getting what I should out of it. I do BodSpir 3 days a week now …I am getting a well rounded program, complete with breathing. I highly recommend this type of exercise.”

Pauline, Age 68

Testimonials 6

“I’ve been an avid skier since high school and, at 70, still enjoy the slopes due to Elizabeth’s program which has greatly enhanced my leg and core strength. Now with new skis, poles and boots, my goal is to ski into my 80’s when most areas let you ski for free!!”

Cindy, Age 70

“What keeps me coming back is that not only do I know intellectually that the program is good for my body and my health, but I can actually feel its effects. Movement is easier and more comfortable. I have more energy and more stamina and even my mental processes are keener. There’s simply no question that these changes are due to being in the BodSpir program.”

Jim, Age 72

Testimonials 7

“BodSpir gives my week a rhythm. Every Tuesday and Thursday I can count on regaining energy & also having contact with like-minded people. Incorporating breathing with the exercises helps me to stay focused and enables me to give my all to each movement. Elizabeth is an attentive, patient, observant leader and teacher. She maintains a positive, instructive classroom atmosphere. I always look forward to coming to class.”

Bonnie, Age 76

“BodSpir makes me feel better. The variety of exercises makes it different from any other program I have tried. The greatest benefits BodSpir has given me is increased flexibility and better balance. I don’t like to miss a class!”

Ellie, Age 76

“It is with great pleasure and confidence that I endorse the outstanding physical fitness program known as BodSpir developed by Elizabeth Phinney. This unique and carefully crafted set of exercises is tailored to the needs of clients over the age of 45 who seek to remain active as they advance in age. She works very closely with her clients according to the needs of the individual. She offers caring and compassionate fitness advice to those fortunate enough to train with her.”

Chris, Age 79

“Elizabeth’s field of expertise of working with seniors is evident as she is responsive to aging joints and the need to keep surrounding muscles as strong as possible. As we age, there is often less motivation to exercise. Elizabeth provides that incentive for me. I always leave the hour feeling better than when it started. I owe her my ability, agility and strength to stay as active as I am at 82.”

Greta, Age 82

Testimonials 8

“I have worked out with Elizabeth for nine years and it has been a very rewarding experience. I feel stronger and (more) fit than ever. She provides a varied menu, working all parts of the body – hence no boredom. She always suggests home exercises if a certain area needs help.”

Sally, Age 87

Our attitude, behavior, diet and activities allow us a great deal of control over the progression of how our bodies age.
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Elizabeth Phinney

Coach – Author – Speaker – Aging Expert

My passion is Fitness After Forty Five and my mission is to inspire people to plan their physical retirement as surely as they plan their fiscal retirement. My caring and compassionate fitness advice is customized for each individual and my positive instructive manner inspires my clients to succeed in controlling their own aging. Let me jumpstart you on your journey to health, energy and vibrancy into your 90s!

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