The Aging Coach offers a series of engaging discussions and workshops to get attendees to think differently about aging, vitality and the mind body partnership. Providing both inspiration and practical strategies, attendees leave with a renewed lease on life and a formula to get on the road to planning their physical future. Interacting with the attendees, Elizabeth is engaging and entertaining as she brings her full breadth of knowledge in aging, exercise, nutrition and coaching to show real examples of changes in the way you live that truly make all the difference in the quality of your future life.

Speaking Topics

Practical and inspirational strategies to take control of your aging!

Designing Your Physical Retirement

  1. The importance of rest
  2. What happens when we don’t get enough sleep
  3. Sleep vs. exercise – which is more important
  4. Sleep and weight loss
  5. Insomnia – its cause and effect and cure
  6. Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders and their consequences

Exercise as a Gift

  1. Exercise as healthcare
  2. Variety of exercise programs available as well as pros and cons of each one; i.e. yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc.
  3. Exercise vs. physical activity
  4. Sports as exercise
  5. Stretching and flexibility
  6. The truth about frequency and duration
  7. Aerobic exercise
  8. Strength Training is #1 for the body
  9. Motivation to do it and stick with it
  10. Exercising with injuries
  11. Exercise and stress

Aging through Inspiration

  1. Aging and Exercise
  2. What is happening to the body when we age
  3. Slowing down the aging process – you have more control than you think
  4. Hydration and food needs with aging
  5. As you plan fiscally for your retirement, remember to plan physically, too!
  6. The 20 year plan
  7. Coping with arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other too common aging issues
  8. The four kinds of aging: Chronological, biological, psychological and social
  9. The stresses of aging and other mental issues

Thrive to 95

  1. Stretches & Positions for Gardening
  2. Back flexibility
  3. Lower back pain
  4. Posture – now and paving the way for the future
  5. Variety of Stretches for different issues
  6. Osteoporosis, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and other back issues while aging
  7. Shoulders/chest/neck and their relationship to the upper back
  8. Ways to strengthen the lower back

Planning Your Physical Future

  1. Simple stretches when you have been sitting too long
  2. Is your desk the right height?
  3. Is your chair causing you carpal tunnel?
  4. Neck strengthening for the high tech world
  5. The body’s cure for a desk job
  6. Airplane aches and pains and how to relieve them while flying

The Mind Body Partnership

  1. Fats/carbohydrates/proteins and what they do
  2. The corn/wheat/soy dilemma
  3. The multitude of sugar options and their differences
  4. What is GMO/GE food and the pros and cons
  5. Three meals a day vs. 5 – 6 meals a day
  6. Which oils are good for you and which ones aren’t
  7. Chemicals in your food and what they mean/do
  8. Saturated fats – the good and the bad
  9. Artificial sweeteners and what they can do

Elizabeth Phinney

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