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Your Customized Meditation Plan

How to incorporate meditation into your daily life.

I will be the first to admit that meditation has been a very difficult practice for me to get into. I am a doer – I am on the move getting things done. What on earth could be accomplished by sitting still twice a day for 20 minutes? Truth be told, far more than you could possibly imagine. The latest science has proven that stress and the hormone cortisol it produces have a dramatic influence on our overall health and state of mind. With meditation, you are able to reduce the affects of stress and its negative influence on our immune system and well-being.

In designing your Meditation Plan, some of the topics of conversation that will be covered and merged into your program are:

  • The different practices of meditation
  • Is mindfulness the same as meditation?
  • Meditation tools and paraphernalia
  • Nature’s role in meditation
  • It’s all about the breath
  • What happens to our stress when we don’t meditate
  • Guided meditation or music while in the zone
  • Do I have to “empty” my mind?

You will learn that there are many different ways to meditate. And, what works for you does not necessarily work for other people. This program is about designing the meditation format that you will practice and utilize on a daily basis. You will learn ways to adapt your personality to your needs in meditation. You will grow to understand the baby steps you will want to take to assure your success with developing your meditation practice. In my years of helping people create their own meditation plan, no two are alike.

We all need to meditate every day, ideally twice a day. What you will create with your meditation plan is what suits your habits and lifestyle. It will be the best schedule and timing for you, no one else.


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