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Your Customized Hydration Plan

Water water everywhere, but how much do you drink?

There is no doubt about it and everyone knows that we cannot survive without water. Aside from air, water is the second most vital component of our staying alive. Our bodies are not able to go more than 3 – 4 days without water. And, though you probably think you drink plenty each day, most likely you are not.

Creating your hydration plan helps you to realize how critical your fluid intake is to your health and exactly what kinds of fluid or combination of fluids are best for your body. We will look at what you are doing now and how you can improve upon your current drinking habits.

Some of the topics covered will be:

  • What happens to your body’s need for water while you age?
  • What do you drink in a day?
  • How much plain water do you drink and why it’s important
  • The amount of sugar in drinks
  • The amount of caffeine in drinks
  • Does alcohol affect your hydration levels?
  • What foods contain the most water to support your hydration?
  • The sensation of thirst and its significance
  • What is dehydration and how it affects the body
  • How much water do YOU need in a day?
  • The pros and cons of carbonation
  • How to know if you are hydrated enough throughout the day

By paying more attention to your hydration levels, you help keep your body stable with hydration and homeostasis. You lose water through urination, sweat, talking and breathing. The more respect you give to how your body is feeling with hydration levels, the more stable and balanced it is so it can focus on other priorities at hand.

By creating your customized hydration plan, you will slowly but surely get on the path to helping your body be in balance each and every day. Not only will your balanced, well-hydrated body feel better, you will sleep better, eat better and feel less stressful. It’s amazing what being in a state of good hydration can do for you!

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