Designing Your Physical Future

Your Customized Food Plan

How to slowly. but surely, eliminate toxic foods from your life, and introduce healthy ones.

The most successful way to move forward is with baby steps:  one habit/behavior at a time.  And, many of those behaviors have to be broken down into small parts to change them.  The most important mission in developing your food plan is to assure your success every step of the way.  When making a change gets too hard, you will probably either quit or cheat or both.  So, every change you make needs to have such a simple methodology that you can’t help but succeed.  That is exactly what Your Customized Food Plan offers.

Within the program, I strongly recommend that you have a special blood test to ascertain exactly which foods create inflammation in your body and which do not.  Remember, inflammation is at the source of most disease.  The blood test allows further customization of your food plan and can be incorporated at any time.  I suggest you take this blood test about three months in, after you have begun to change your food habits and stabilized your food choices.

  • Step One:  Discover what foods in your life need to be eliminated
  • Step Two:  Rate each food as to your attachment/addiction to them
  • Step Three:  Organize the list as to what would be the easiest to quit
  • Step Four:  Set up a calendar of elimination, determining time frames based on attachment and/or addiction
  • Step Five:  Begin eliminating foods, one item or group at a time
  • Step Six:  Determine what healthy foods to introduce into your plan
  • Step Seven:  Rank the foods to be introduced
  • Step Eight:  Create a calendar of food introductions

Throughout the program development, your successes and problems will be monitored. If patterns develop, you learn how to interfere with that pattern so that you can maintain control.  Where successes show up, you learn how to use that success and apply it to other foods.

This long, methodical process is a highly effective way to design your dietary future.  The elongated time frame is intentional.  Change is hard.  Through my guidance, support and experience, I help you get a strong foundation for your healthy decades ahead. Allowing yourself the time to take every necessary step in this process is essential to your success! After all, if this is for the rest of your life, you have plenty of time!!

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