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Elizabeth Phinney is The Aging Coach

Her passion is to inspire people to take control of their physical future.

Her caring and compassionate fitness advice is individually customized based on each person’s history and dreams and desires for the rest of their lives.

Her positive instructive manner motivates all to succeed in controlling their own aging.

Her main message: We all have much more control over how we age than we think. Our physical destiny lies in the choices we make and the knowledge we have about those choices. With over 20 years of experience helping people extend their vitality well into their 80s and 90s, Elizabeth can help you create the best plan for you to follow, based on your dreams and desires for those later years.

Why Elizabeth qualifies to be your Aging Coach

American Council on Exercise:

  • Certification as a Personal Trainer
  • Speciality Certification in Fitness Nutrition
  • Speciality Certification in Older Adult Fitness
  • Speciality Certification in Weight Management

American College of Sports Medicine:

  • Affiliate Member for 20 years

American Senior Fitness Association:

  • Certificate of Completion

Multiple Fitness Associations and Organizations:

  • 700+ hours of education in Fitness After Forty Five

Contributing Writer:

  • On-Line Publications – Domestic and International
  • Magazines
  • Blogs

Live Appearances:

  • Podcasts
  • Radio shows
  • Webinars

Guest Speaker:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops


  • BodSpir®, a Meditative Strength Training technique taught in thousands of classes and one-on-one private training.
  • F.I.T. Workshop™ (Fitness Inspiration Transformation) – a weekend of self-exploration in which participants create a plan for their physical future
  • CA.R.E. Package (Consultation, Assessment, Recommendation based on an Evaluation) – an in-person meeting with Elizabeth to create a customized plan for enhancing physical behavior and getting on the right path to an energetic lifestyle. 

Presentations & Media


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Stop Getting Older – 3 Simple Steps to Get Started
RI Health and Fitness Magazine. Vol 3 Issue 9

Posture: Your Parents Were Right
Trade Secrets Magazine, Vol 3 Issue 7

10 Minutes is Better Than No Minutes
Trade Secrets Magazine, Vol 3 Issue 6

Elizabeth Phinney 2

Fitness Trend or Fitness Trouble
RI Fit Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 11

How to Successfully Control Your Physical Future
RI Fit Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 3

The Truth about Stretching
Trade Secrets Magazine,  Vol 3 Issue 5

How to Create Your Diet for Life
Trade Secrets Magazine, Vol 3 Issue 3

Ways to Eat Smarter
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Healthy Heart, Healthy You
Trade Secrets Magazine, Vol 3 Issue 1

Elizabeth Phinney 4

How To Lose Weight as You Age
Trade Secrets Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 11

Staying Hydrated
Trade Secrets Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 10

The Real Magic Bullet for Diet and Exercise
Rhode Island Health and Wellness Guide

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