This program is a fantastic opportunity for you to finally discover what can move you forward to make the best choices for your future health.  It guides you towards the future with more confidence, conviction and determination. It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past – it is all about the future and what you will do to prepare for it.  Effective change cannot happen unless emotion is involved.  It is critical to understand that becoming inspired is the key to changing your behavior.

The “Discover Your Aha!” program includes some critical homework to prepare for your inspiration and your conversations with Elizabeth.

The first worksheet takes you through a series of questions guiding you to discover your dreams and desires, decade by decade for the years to come.  As you write these down, you will notice little “aha’s” along the way.  You have never really sat down and specified your dreams and desires for your future life before.

The second worksheet alerts you to what needs to happen in order for those dreams and desires from the first worksheet to be accomplished.  It is truly a wake up call!

You will be amazed at how these two worksheets compel you to now have the inspiration to take control of your aging and do all that you want to do as you Thrive to 95!

The “Discover Your Aha!” program is designed to open your eyes to all that your future holds.  It is about realizing that you can take control of your aging once you discover your inspiration to do it.  That inspiration will help drive you to keep making the best choices for your physical future.

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“I have been attending classes for over a year now and although I have always been an avid exerciser, BodSpir has targeted muscles I normally didn’t work out. I feel stronger and more balanced than I ever have been. The continued weight bearing exercises along with the stretching is extremely beneficial.”

Rebecca, Age 48

Discover your Aha! 2

Discovering Your Aha!

  • Worksheet One – Dreams and Desires
  • Worksheet Two – The Wakeup Call
  • Review Your Learning

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