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Your Personal BodSpir® C.A.R.E. Package

One thing I have learned as a Personal Trainer is that every single person is different physically as well as with what inspires them. Before I begin with you, and each new client, you all get Your Personal BodSpir® Program™: a series of conversations and movements which helps me learn everything I need to know to help you with your current and future aging issues. It is a must for getting on the path to energetic aging.

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Discover Your Aha!

This program is designed to open your eyes to all that your future holds. It is about realizing that you can take control of your own aging once you discover the unique inspiration that moves you to do it! Becoming inspired is the key to changing your behavior! You start with learning the difference between inspiration and motivation and then move on to some critical homework to help you find what inspires you to be your best self.

These homework assignments were especially designed by Elizabeth to help people get “over the hump” to lasting change. They have been tweaked and perfected over many years of working with others as a trainer, coach and cheerleader!  The assignments will prepare you for up to two hours of conversation with Elizabeth to find what moves you effortlessly into your physical future!


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Designing your Physical Future with I.A.M. H.E.R.E. - Three Month Kickstart Program

This 3-month program is designed to get you from “I want this” to “I got this!”

We begin with reviewing your health history and habits to date. We next work on “Discovering your Aha!” – This is what will keep you inspired vs motivated. Then we learn about toxicity and healthy immune systems and create a customized eating plan.

In month two we evaluate progress on what you have done so far and we add in a customized exercise program.

In month three we evaluate progress on what is inspiring you and how your customized eating and exercise plans are going.

Weekly calls build on your progress and offer support and knowledgeable feedback. You have all the tools you need to move forward from here with success.


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Designing your Physical Future with I.A.M. H.E.R.E.- Your Six Month Foundation Program

This is a continuation of the Three Month Kickstart program and only available to those who have finished that three month program.

In the next three months, we pull together plans for successfully incorporating hydration, rest and meditation plans into your day to day life.  We, of course, review your progress throughout the weeks making sure that you are continuing to allow these life changes to enhance your quality of life and level of energy.

We continue with weekly calls at first to build on your progress and offer support and knowledgeable feedback and taper to alternate weeks so you can get a sense of how you will do with less support and eventually on your own.

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