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Creating a fitness program involves communication between the trainer and you, the client. In order to set up the perfect program there are several details that a trainer needs. We begin with a conversation which can take up to an hour or more. Through this consultation, we discuss many facets of your ideas about fitness, your goals and your ideals. How can fitness be incorporated into your life? What do you think fitness can offer you? A consultation is a learning experience for both the client and the trainer. Great discoveries are learned through this process. It is the all important first step in getting you on the road to fitness.

Some of the topics we discuss are:

Personal lifestyle

Personal Diet

Support System

Realistic Goals

Current physical activity

Exercise history

Your expectations

Family history


Levels of stress

Exercise attitude


Health history


Making an assessment of where you are today is the evaluation tool used to initiate your training.  Certain standards in the industry have been set up with guidelines and tables to help assess where you are and, based on our initial consultation, where you will be going.  Based on what is learned during the assessment, certain exercises and/or stretches will be compiled in your At Home Flexibility Program Design to help alleviate any potential progression of discovered problem areas. 

Your assessment could include:

Cardiovascular demonstrations

Resting Heart Rate

Body Measurements  – if desired

Body Fat – if desired


Flexibility and Stretching

Blood Pressure

Cholesterol Level

Aerobic Range for Exercise


Recommendations (based on an evaluation)

Once a Consultation and Assessment are completed, an evaluation is made and recommendations are compiled in a day-to-day plan.  These recommendations are designed to enhance your flexibility, improve your posture, offset any pain issues or joint problems, improve your gait, and give you overall physical benefits.  The daily exercises suggested are sometimes broken down over 2 or 3 days and a program rotation is advised.  With all programs, an aerobic component and strengthening exercises are always recommended.


Upon completion of your Consultation and Assessment, all information is compiled and reviewed to determine where your problem areas are. Your history of injuries comes into play to establish the duration of certain issues and their potential long-term effects. A realistic program is created during this evaluation that will help relieve some current problems as well as offset future difficulties. The evaluation’s goal is to compile all the information and decide the best recommendations for you to begin your at-home program.

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